On the Air!

18 Jul

Beat the heat with some sorbet or ice cream

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…365scoops is live on-air for The Kosher Scene in a first-ever, exclusive interview!

Are you wondering how 365scoops got started?

Are you craving some delicious new flavors?

Hoping for a special discount on your next order?

Then tune in here at 8pm on Wednesday, July 18th for a unique foray into the life and times of 365scoops!

To read a bit about the interview before it’s live, here’s a great tidbit on KosherScene about yours truly and 365scoops!

An enormous thank you to CS, the main writer, interviewer and food reviewer extraordinaire behind The Kosher Scene. If you ever need a kosher restaurant recommendation in the five boroughs of NY (or in Argentina and Israel for that matter) he’s your go-to-guy. Read this blog and salivate over the amazing foods. Then listen to my interview and order yourself some ice cream (it will make you feel better, ice cream always does!) It’s just that simple!

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