Amorino Gelato, Waffles, Candies and More

23 Feb

“Vivi con passione ~ Ridi di cuore ~ Ama profondamente”

Translation: Live with passion ~ laugh out loud ~ love deeply

Personally I think the next line in that proverb should say “ E Mangia Gelato Amorino” translated as “And eat Amorino Gelato”.  But then again no one asked me…

My waffle with chocolate hazelnut spread, coffee gelato and yogurt. Sheer bliss.

Loyal readers, you may remember that this summer I reviewed the one and only Amorino Gelato in NYC and regaled you with stories about their famous Amorino gelato flower and outstanding flavors, including Speculos, Alphonso Mango, Stracciatella, and my personal favorite, L’Inimitabile (which literally means “it can’t compare”) the classic chocolate hazelnut. It’s outrageous and simply perfect. And this means a lot from a fellow ice cream maker and lover!

The perfect Amorino Gelato Flower with Straciatella and Speculos

Anyhow, I got an email last week from my pal Filippo, the CEO of Amorino who told me that they have a new line of waffles with gelato, candies and chocolates and that I should come quick to sample. I saw his email and the next thing I knew, I was at his store with a couple of gal pals for a fun afternoon treat. I was expecting heaven…and heaven I got!

Try one of these will not regret it!

If you’re like me and love a good waffle-a-la-mode then Amorino is the place to get it! These perfectly crisp yet not overly sweet waffles are imported from Belgium and individually toasted to perfection. Served either with sugar, ($3.25), hazelnut chocolate/dark chocolate or raspberry/apricot jam ($5.25) or 2 scoops of gelato ($7.50), these waffles are ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Guess what I got? If you guessed a waffle with hazelnut chocolate and 2 scoops of gelato you’re absolutely right. Down to the very last bite, this waffle was perfectly crisp, and the ideal combination of hot and cold. What a treat.

But, the pièce de résistance is their new line of flower, seed, herb and fruit candies the recipe for which is unchanged since 1780! These candies are, without a doubt, a truly stunning centerpiece, and more importantly uniquely flavored and delicious. Designed and produced by Italy’s foremost candy company, they are created and sold exclusively at Amorino.

The beautiful fruit, seed, flower and herb candies

Presented in magnificent black boxes, these divine sweets are available in boxes of 2, 6, 12 or 24 flavors. Flavors include Orange tree flower, Mint leaves, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pink Lilac, Anise seeds, Mimosa flowers, Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Rose petals and Lavender seeds. I highly suggest that you purchase some as gifts – in fact, if you want to buy me one I will not object! The best part is that when you run out of a flavor, you can purchase refills directly from the store.

A closer look at the candies and chocolates available at Amorino

Right before leaving, Filippo insisted (and naturally we obliged) on sharing Amorino’s Cioccolata Calda,  aka hot chocolate. We each had a “shot” of orange-cinnamon hot chocolate, a thick and creamy drink, and headed on our merry ways. What a perfect end to a lovely day filled with great gelato, waffles, chocolate, candies and more. Here’s to great friends, great gelato, and warm memories together!

Buon Appetito!

Amorino Gelato is located at 60 University Place (on the corner of E 10th Street). Run, don’t walk to Amorino today!

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