Skoffee Ice Cream

23 Jun

Deja Brew:  The feeling that you’ve had this coffee before.”  ~Unknown

Pouring the final coffee into the Skoffee Mixture

Happy Monday Thursday to you all. I intended to post this one earlier (aka on Monday, but then Ben Bars Ice Cream came along and I got sidetracked…)

I digress…

Today Monday was one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Let me walk you through the beginning of my day and I think you’ll understand:

10:11 am – My phone rang. It’s was brother-in-law. I promptly hit ignore and rolled over in bed.

In Bed? You say. Yes, in bed. As in, it was after 10am and I was still sleeping. I don’t know what came over me at that moment, but I decided to check my phone for the time. You see, I thought my brother-in-law was calling way too early, so I angrily ignored his called.

Um, no!  It’s a work day. I COMPLETELY overslept. I literally fell out of bed when I saw the time, sent some hurried email to my coworkers explaining my insane tardiness (I believe the email included swear words) and ran so fast into the shower that I felt like the police were chasing me.

10:48 am – I walked into my office after exiting the oh-so-stuffy NYC subway, literally holding my breath in anticipation of the air conditioning when, on that beautifully sunny 82 degree day, I was met by a huge blast of hot, stale air.

You guessed it – our air conditioning at work was broken. Most normal people would march their tuchas straight out of the office and work from home. Not me. Not us. Today we suffered! Oh, and to make matters worse only the A/C on our floor was broken. FML.

I immediately shot off a cranky-pants email to The Husband who sent this photo back as a reply (Please note: this IS NOT The Husband. This is a stock image from the internet. The Husband is much cuter!)

Do you look like this?

I chuckled out loud and then started my day.

By the way, I still had not had coffee yet, which is what inspired this oh-so-necessary flavor: Skoffee.

Some of you may be having “Deja Brew” right now, thinking that this flavor sounds vaguely familiar. Well, it’s because it’s loosely based on the Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heathbar Crunch flavor. Only better.

I should tell you that it didn’t get any cooler in my office, and in one of my oh-so-kvetchy moments I mumbled under my breath, “at least I’m having ice cream tonight.” That, my friends, is the silver lining to 365scoops! Not a day goes by without a few scoops (or half-a-quart, but who’s counting) of ice cream.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I forgot to photograph the final product and therefore you can’t actually see how delicious this ice cream looked. I’m so sorry. You’ll just have to make it for yourself instead!

Mixing the coffee and milk

Skoffee Ice Cream

Adapted from Ben & Jerry’s


1 cup whole milk

1 cup cream

1 cup half-and-half

3/4 cup sugar

3 tbs instant coffee (I used Maxwell House)

4 Skor bars, chopped

Four Skor (ha ha, get it, "four score and seven years ago") on the Floor!


Chop the four skor bars. As you can see on the right, I actually dropped the four skor on the floor to “chop” them! I got this idea from Ben & Jerry, who said that when they first started making Heath Bar Crunch ice cream, they would stand on a ladder and throw the candies onto the floor to get the correct bite-sized pieces. That’s just what I did! Once they’re broken in pieces, take out of the wrapper and freeze.

In the meantime, whisk together the milk, sugar, and 2 tbs of instant coffee.

Pour into the bowl of an ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Five minutes before the ice cream is done churning, slowly add in the skor bar pieces and the last tbs of instant coffee. When the ice cream is done churning, put into a freezer-safe container for at least 2 hours before serving.

Four Skor. YUM.

The Verdict: Score! Yes, that is exactly what some people said when eating it. Pretty cute, huh?

I loved this flavor!!

My only regret is that I don’t have a photo of the finished product. That’s what happens when you leave me in a room with 8 people and a quart of freshly churned ice cream. Can you blame me?

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