There’s a First For Everything

6 Apr

Happiness is two kinds of ice cream. ~ Charlie Brown

Fear not, there is a real ice cream post coming later today.

I realized, however, that I would be remiss if I did not mention that this blog is my first attempt ever* at making ice cream.

*I should qualify that ever by mentioning that when I was a little girl, my dad and I used to make ice cream. It was one of the “old fashioned” hand crank machines, and I believe that we used to make more simple flavors, but the pain and labor necessary to crank out one quart of ice cream was too much for a puny little girl like me. I would inevitably conk out 1/4 of the way through, and like any good dad to little girls (3 of them!) he would finish the task and we would reap the benefits: home made ice cream.

It’s also worth noting that my sisters and I were renowned for making “snow ice cream”. That’s right, coming from New England we were guaranteed a good snow every year. We’d wake up first thing in the morning, run into the backyard to gather snow (before the dog could pee in it, gross, I know!) and bring it into the kitchen, and, using every pot and pan in sight, create our very own concoctions. A personal favorite was vanilla or maple . Recipes were simple and included snow + flavor of choice. Occasionally we’d get fancy and add chocolate chips, but again these “snow ice creams” were more like slushies than anything else. Ah, those were the days!

You should know that sweets and other treats were a rarity in our childhood home. We ate very healthfully, and when everyone else was gorging on processed crap, we were eating raisins and fresh fruit. That’s right, boring! But truth be told (don’t ever tell my mother this) I am really appreciative of how we ate as kids, no cavities, much more healthy, and now all of us have a real love of all things nutritional.

My dad, however, who carries the “sweet” gene snuck us the occasional (read: not so occasional) pop tart, ice cream, etc. We would scarf them down in his car, and come home with chocolate frosting all over our faces. Mom would ask “where have you been” and we would all answer in stereo “at the supermarket.” Nice try. It was pretty obvious that we were hoarding sweets in his car. Oh well, a girl can try…

So that really solidified my love affair with sweets and ice cream, and quite honestly, it’s been in full force ever since.

Fast forward twenty something years, here I am writing this blog. It’s dedicated to all those years that I didn’t eat sweets, so hell, it’s time to make it up in the next 365. Just kidding.

Some of these recipes are my own, but most are adaptations or flat out copies (don’t worry I’ll cite my sources) of tried and true ice cream recipes. I’m going to venture into the world of frozen treats as well (ice cream sandwiches, whoopie pies, ice cream cakes, frozen margaritas, etc.)

Come and join in on the fun! I look forward to this journey together.

One Response to “There’s a First For Everything”

  1. michael April 7, 2011 at 6:27 am #

    Love the blog! key lime pie ice cream better be on the list somewhere!

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